Tuesday, 22 May 2012

8 Australian Online Renovation Tools

So your about to embark on some Home Renovation, maybe a bit of DIY, some remodelling or even an extension. But are there any online tools that can help you realise your dream? Oh Yes and we've compiled a list of the best!

Ikea Kitchen Planner

This planner is obviously limited to Ikea's own kitchen stock, however even if you are not planning on buying from them, it still helps you to plan a layout that is likely to suit your home, budget and requirements. It's also a great tool for sharing your ideas with third parties.

Best of all it's completely free!


Whilst this website is best known for selling realestate, they have also entered into the Home Improvement market by extending on their core realestate content with a whole section of Home Ideas & Inspiration.

What we liked about this new section of their website is that it's easy to navigate & has a lot of images. This makes it quite easy to quickly find some ideas and inspiration. So you can do plenty of window shopping and check out the latest Australian trends without having to wade through to much text. Great if you only have a few minutes to kill while you're downing your lunch.

The main downside, which we admit is disappointing, is that none of this content is available via either the Realestate iPhone or iPad app.


OK so this one is not 100% Australian, BUT it does offer some great Australian content. This website also to offers a FANTASTIC iPhone & iPad app, which makes it invaluable for collecting ideas whilst you are on the go. As far as consolidating them into manageable collections is concerned, this website is unbeatable in our opinion. These 'IdeaBooks' make it easy to get a sense of how you want a room to look.

Again this website concentrates on Inspiration, Design & Style. So it's not the first place you'd visit on your Renovation journey, but it would definitely be one of the most fun.

Disappointingly they have not yet linked in with the Pintrest Social network, which we would hope should be on their shortlist of 'Things to do' next.


Again not an Australian specific website, but none the less, extremely useful online software for anyone wanting to redesign their home or parts of it.

Create floor plans easily with little or no design experience. Absolutely fantastic for anyone who wants to be able to conceptualise before they start on any project. With the free version you can create one project and if you want to be able to share it online, you only need to pay $14.99 for a whole years subscription.

Dulux - My Colour

Looking to add some sparkle with a new coat of paint? This little application offers consumers the ability to collect colours that they like the most to projects or scrapbooks. You can test to see what different colours look like together and try to find that perfect colour combination for your favourite room.

Dulux also offer a Free App which can be downloaded at the App Store and whilst isn't quite as comprehensive as the website version, still provides consumers with a really useful free tool.

We hope you find this blog useful and please, if you use any websites on a regular basis that we haven't included here. We would love to hear from you.

Reece - Bathroom Planner

Again limited to Reece's own collection of Bathroom goodies, however it is still really useful to conceptualise the space you are working with and understand whether that dream bath will really word besides that amazing basin you've been dreaming of.

Dulux - Paint Calculator 

Another tool provided by Dulux, but can be applied to any paint you want. Extremely usful when creating your budgets so you can get an understanding of how much paint you are going to need for each room.

Nabers - Energy Calculator

Want to ensure your new additions are energy efficient. Use this free calculator to get an idea of how much you'll be consuming. Both now and with any changes you plan to make.


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