Sunday, 22 April 2012

4 Reasons why you should use Roof Ventilation, even in the Winter

4 Reasons why you should use roof ventilation, even in the winter.

1)    Mould in your home is an unsightly problem, but it thrives in the winter particularly in our roof spaces, because these spaces offer the perfect growth environment cool, damp & dark. Using a roof ventilator during winter helps to remove excess moisture to avoid any initial growth of mould.

2)    With the advent of winter, often comes a variety of health concerns. Germs will grow faster & more easily in a poorly ventilated home. Not to mention the health risks associated with the growth of mould spores, which are also a bi-product of poorly ventilated homes during the colder months.
Mould at home
3)    People are commonly concerned that ventilating their roof space or attic during the winter will remove too much precious heat from their home, as hot air rises. However, if you buy the right roof ventilation solution, they can come with a Thermostat that can turn the unit off when the roof spaces gets below a certain temperature.

4)    In our homes we use extractor fans in our bathrooms & kitchens to remove excess moisture from our rooms. But all these fans do is channel this moisture up into the roof cavity. If left unventilated during the cooler months, this leads to damp and mildew which can then cause deterioration of the building materials within your roof, speeding up corrosion & decay.

There is no doubt that ventilating your home and roof is as important in the winter as it is in the summer. You will surely save money in the long run from any investments made in a roof ventilation solution that lasts year in year out.