Thursday, 8 March 2012

4 of the Best Australian Energy Saving Products

Australia has some wonderful products that can help us save energy which will of course help our communities because then precious oil reserves can go further. Also, if we can make sure as much of the energy we do use comes from sustainable, clean energy sources like the sun, we will drastically cut the amount of climate-warming gasses released into the atmosphere. Here are some wonderful ideas, found here in Australia, that help us do both.
WHITE This is the easiest way to turn off all your appliances at the wall without crawling around the floor to reach them, it also reminds you to switch them off, so how good is that?!
Power Tech Energy Meter - MS61152: Or, how about the Power Tech Energy Meter that not only tells you how much energy you are using but also exactly how much each appliance costs to run. Within weeks you could have every member of the family aware of exactly how much they are spending when they leave the T.V. on standby, the radio on when no one's listening to it or spend too much daydreaming time under a hot shower.
Product Details
3/ Children's books by Todae: continuing on the theme from our recent blog of teaching young children to be ‘green’, I’ve come across a lovely set of books that teach children to use energy wisely. One is called ‘Let’s Turn It Off’ and the other, ‘Let’s Use It Again’. Both have bright, colourful illustrations to keep young tots interested while they learn to read but also teaches them about saving energy and recycling.
4/ Last but not least; when we’re talking about using clean energy sources, they don’t come much cleaner than sunlight! The Solatube Daylighting System, available all over Australia is a popular and economical way to light those dimly lit areas of your home. No CO2 here, just beautiful bright natural light. We couldn’t leave that one out could we?


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